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How to Help

1.     Attend city council meetings and make public comment *

Attend city council meetings the first and third Tuesdays of every month 7:00pm at 1175 East Main.

Speak during “public forum” at the beginning of the council meeting; fill out the yellow sheet that you can find on the right hand side of the wall as you enter the council chamber – then hand it immediately to the woman sitting behind the computer – the city clerk.  You will have from five to three minutes to speak.  Always have an “ask” when you speak to the council see below for ideas about this.

2.     Attend APRC meetings and make public comment *

Attend APRC meetings the fourth Monday of every month 7pm (9/25,10/23,11/27) at the city council meeting place at 1175 East Main

Speak during the “public forum” that should be at the beginning of the agenda, but sometimes they change this.  Just look at the agenda when you arrive.  It is also available on a table outside the council chamber, if it isn’t ask the woman behind the computer for one.  If you are going to speak, you must complete the yellow form that you find on the right hand side of the wall as you enter the room.  Always have an “ask” when you speak to the commission.

* WARNING: when speaking to elected officials always have a written copy of what you are going to say – hand it to the clerk who is taking the minutes so that it officially becomes a part of the public record – this is IMPORTANT!

     When you speak to the council or to the commission, you speak, then you hand your comments to the city clerk "for the public record."  You don't need to hand every councilor or commissioner a copy of what you are saying.  The most important act is to get your words on the public record.  This means that it is an attachment to the minutes.  Otherwise, the city clerk summarizes your statement in her own words.  You want your words to be part of the public record.

3.     Write letters or send emails to elected officials and staff

City Councilors and Mayor  -  20 East Main Street, Ashland  Address them as an elected group not individually.  Note on the envelope that it contains a copy made for each councilor and the mayor.

Ashland Parks and Recreation Commissioners -  340 S. Pioneer Street, Ashland  address them as an elected group not individually.  Note on the envelope to have a copy made for each commissioner.

APRC staff person – Michael Black, Director – 340 S. Pioneer Street, Ashland

4.     Write Letters to the Editor for local newspapers  

5.     Post on social media - always reinforce your message on social media

6.     Handout SOS Flyers - Print and give a SOS flyer to people you meet.

You can help increase community awareness of this serious issue.


1.     The APRC's senior changes approved and implemented so far be rescinded. Re-start expansion plans while leaving what's there alone.

2.     Rehire the senior center staff including senior center manager, Christine Dodson.

3.     Move the Senior Center and Programs from APRC to the City. This would allow autonomy for the programs, minimize the focus of cost-recovery.

4.     Keep the present Senior Center building as a dedicated space where senior programs are offered.

Letter to Editor – Daily Tidings & Mail Tribune

Southern Oregon Media Group encourages readers to submit letters to the Editor.

All letters must include the writers name, address and a phone number for verification. Only the name and town will be published. Letters must be 200 words or less and no more than 150 words for election and thank-you letters. Do not send duplicates of letters. Do not send poetry, “open letters” sent to multiple addressees, or letters copied from websites or chain emails – we generally will not publish them. Avoid generalizations, gratuitous insults and personal gripes. All letters are subject to editing.

Email is the preferred method for letters, and emailed letters receive priority. Writers without email capability may send letters to Letters, Mail Tribune, P.O. Box 1108, Medford, OR 97501, but please type them or print legibly.

You can email your letter to the Mail Tribune at:
You can email your letter the Daily